Richard Jaimes

foresight, future, strategy and leadership

Richard is a multifaceted professional with more than 20 years of professional experience as executive manager within transnational corporations in different industries (Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Defense, Education). He masters a vast variety of relevant topics needed to develop and advise world-class executives and organizations.

He has dedicated himself to the development of two main areas. First, the use and application of future related methods for specific applications within corporations (Future-Management, Strategic Foresight, Trends and Scenarios, Innovation) and second, the development of leaders and teams (Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Intercultural and Multidisciplinary Team Leadership). He covers this though training, advising, consulting, and conferencing activities.

Richard has collaborated, counseled and advised the top management of international companies and non-profits. Assessing them in the application of future-management methodologies in order to understand the uncertainties of upcoming events and derive elements that allow to strengthen and innovate strategies, products, business models and services, among others.

Additionally, Richard teaches in several post-graduate courses from renowned universities across europe. He is a trusted advisor and associate member at Huete&co and lead partner at Quantumrun Foresight.